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23rd National Australian Health Promotion Association Conference

19 June 2016 - 22 June 2016 Scarborough, WA, Australia Add to calendar

The conference theme is ‘Connecting the Dots: Tradition to Innovation, Making it Matter’.

This conference will aim to consolidate the diverse range of issues that are dealt with in health promotion by encouraging presenters to “connect” their issues back to the core principles of the Ottawa Charter. This will be achieved through the integration of the five Ottawa Charter principles as the conference sub themes.

Connecting the dots refers to the overarching framework that links the diverse range of issues and stakeholders working in and with health promotion practice, policy and research. It also links to our Indigenous Australians and is reflected in the conference logo.

The Tradition to Innovation tagline has been selected to celebrate the 30 years since the Ottawa Charter was developed. The conference will reflect on the journey of health promotion with a focus on present and future best practice.

Making it Matter is an important part of the conference theme. Remembering what we do, why we do it and ensuring partnerships are broad and solid are all critically important in health promotion. The presenters at the conference will all discuss how their projects or research have made it matter in the real world.

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23rd National Australian Health Promotion Association Conference