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Forgotten but not Gone. Why does a 'Third World' disease still exist in Australia?

20 October 2016 Darwin, Australia Add to calendar

RHDAustralia would like to invite you to be part of the audience of a Q&A panel event to discuss and debate the challenges and opportunities of ending rheumatic heart disease in Australia.

Rheumatic heart disease is a devastating, and 100% preventable, health condition. Rheumatic heart disease has been mostly eliminated from developed countries.

Australia has the highest rate of rheumatic heart disease in the world with Indigenous people being the most at risk population. It is a national shame that this condition continues to devastate children and communities. There is no other disease which demonstrates as clearly the devastating impact of the continued inequalities in social circumstances in Australia.

In this Q&A panel event we will be discussing:

  • How rheumatic heart disease impacts families and communities?
  • Why a 'Third World' disease still exists in Australia?
  • What should be done to end rheumatic heart disease?

The panel, facilitated by Charlie King, legendary sports journalist and anti-violence activist, will include:

  • Dr Marion Scrymgour - Australia's first Indigenous female Cabinet Minister
  • Professor Bart Currie – infectious disease physician and Director RHDAustralia
  • Dr Adam El Gamel – New Zealand heart Surgeon and international rheumatic heart disease expert
  • Mark Munnich - Community legal educator and Indigenous advocate

The event will feature personal stories from people living with rheumatic heart disease.

There will be some light snacks and refreshments provided before the event begins.

For further information:
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