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Global Ideas Forum 2017

08 September 2017 - 10 September 2017 Melbourne, Australia Add to calendar

This year the Global Ideas Forum focus is on global health in an increasingly volatile world. Due to take place, September 8 – 10, 2017 at the Arts West Precinct, The University of Melbourne, Parkville, Vic.

Increasing global interconnectedness means that local health outcomes are increasingly influenced by complex factors at home and abroad that are difficult to predict and control.

Examples include

  • the ongoing risk of pandemic infectious diseases,
  • the rise of organisms resistant to existing drugs and pesticides, and
  • the increase in the duration and intensity of drought from climate change leading to reduced capacity to feed a growing global population.

These new and emerging threats exist in a period of unprecedented political uncertainty, rising nationalism and shrinking aid budgets.

Our theme will be therefore be explored through the lens of People, Politics and Planet.

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