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International Conference on Research for Development

05 September 2017 - 08 September 2017 Bern, Switzerland Add to calendar

Convening in Bern, Switzerland, 5–8 September 2017, the 4th International Conference on Research for Development (ICRD) seeks visionary contributions that will enhance transformations towards sustainable development in countries of Africa, Asia, and Latin America. 

Contributions should facilitate knowledge stewardship consistent with the UN Agenda 2030. The success of this agenda will largely depend on managing key trade-offs and synergies among sustainable development goals and related targets. Better knowledge of these interdependencies is required to balance conflicting interests, set priorities, and steer the transformation process towards sustainable development. Researchers, policymakers, and societal partners are jointly called upon to share sound and timely knowledge from their fields of expertise, and to engage in discussing synergies and trade-offs with other SDGs linked to their topics. 

Contributions should stimulate exchange in the research community and dialogue between research, policy, and practice in line with the following conference themes: 

How can we ensure that health, food systems, and sustainable agricultural systems mutually reinforce one another to better support people's livelihoods and well-being?
How can we deal with environmental sustainability while achieving economic development?
How can we promote inclusive, equitable, and peaceful societies?
How can we ensure that partnerships are transformative?

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4th International Conference on Research for Development (ICRD)