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The World Heart Federation 2nd Global Summit on Circulatory Health

12 July 2017 07:00am - 13 July 2017 07:00am Singapore Add to calendar

The World Heart Federation 2nd Global Summit on Circulatory Health will be held at the Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre in Singapore on 12 and 13 July 2017 in collaboration with the Asian Pacific Society of Cardiology, the Asia-Pacific Heart Network and the Singapore Heart Foundation.

The Summit will bring together policymakers and leading thinkers and influencers in health, science and industry to share their insights and strategies to address the question: 

How can we create a greater sense of urgency when we’re dealing with the world’s number one killer? 

Heart disease and stroke remain the world’s foremost causes of premature death, despite being largely preventable through the mitigation of known risk factors. Diseases of the circulatory system are concentrated in low- and middle-income countries, where over 80% of premature deaths due to heart disease and stroke occur and where rheumatic heart disease continues to exact a vast health burden on the people that can least afford it. Without swift adoption of prevention and intervention strategies, current trends indicate increased global death and disability from preventable non-communicable diseases (NCDs). 

The cardiovascular disease (CVD) community and multisectoral partners need to come together to reframe outreach strategies, communication techniques and tools for action in order to raise the priority status of CVD on national and global agendas. 

The Summit is a global forum where politicians, policy-makers, and organizational leaders can engage to foster a renewed sense of urgency, accelerate progress and help to galvanise community action.

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