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Breaking News – Global RHD debate confirmed at WHO Executive Board

24 January 2017
First Session of the World Health Organization, Executive Board 140 (23rd January 2017)

The 140th session of the World Health Organization’s Executive Board – also known as ‘EB 140’ – began today in Geneva, Switzerland.

During the very first session, the Chairman announced that rheumatic heart disease (RHD) will be included as an Agenda Item at the next Executive Board Meeting (‘EB 141’) to take place May 2017 to June 2017.

The Executive Board made this decision following extensive advocacy by the RHD community, led by RHD Action, for a coordinated global response to RHD. We have been supporting a diverse group of Member States, led by the government of New Zealand, to boost political will and stimulate work towards a global RHD Resolution.

Following today’s announcement, all Member States will convene to debate RHD as an Agenda Item at the 141st Executive Board Meeting in May 2017 to 141st Executive Board Meeting from 01-02 June 2017. Discussions are set to revolve around the adoption of a Draft Resolution on RHD. We hope that, following the discussions, the Draft Resolution will be adopted, and WHO mandated to address RHD on a global scale.

There is still work to be done to sensitize and prepare all Member States to champion RHD as a global priority. If you or your organization would like to support this advocacy initiative, please contact Joanna Markbreiter