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RHD Action

RHD Action is the name given to the global movement to reduce the burden of rheumatic heart disease (RHD) in vulnerable populations of all ages throughout the world.

Global Resolution

RHD is a global problem that needs a global solution. We are striving towards an international commitment on RHD in the form of a Resolution at the World Health Organization. Our #TimeToTackleRHD campaign calls on all people from all countries to help end this preventable disease.

RHD Action Global Partners

The RHD Action is a coalition of global organizations leading the global movement to reduce premature mortality from RHD and contributing to both the WHO 25X25 goal and the WHF 25x25<25 goal.

RHD Action Partner Countries

The RHD Action Countries are a cohort of countries where government and partner institutions are actively engaged in achieving specific RHD targets within their geographies, while also strengthening their health systems. Strategies and tactics on the ground vary amongst countries and are dependent on existing resources and infrastructure. Aligned with national health plans, these country projects contribute to the global hub of knowledge about best practices to prevent, control and treat RHD. The inaugural RHD Action Countries include Tanzania and Uganda.

Other Countries

RHD programs, research, surgical services and education programs are underway all around the world. This network draws on earlier initatives to prevent, diagnose and treat RHD. RHD Action is working to amplify all RHD control activities, share best practice, support new programs and scale up efforts to end RHD.

Other Partners