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Global Resolution

Global Resolution

RHD is a global problem that needs a global solution. We are striving towards an international commitment on RHD in the form of a Resolution at the World Health Organization. Our #TimeToTackleRHD campaign calls on all people from all countries to help end this preventable disease.

Campaign Update

On 01 June 2017, the Executive Board of the World Health Organization recommended a Resolution on ‘Rheumatic Fever and Rheumatic Heart Disease’ for adoption at the World Health Assembly in May 2018.
Once adopted by the full World Health Assembly after further discussions in May next year, the Resolution will stand as the first global policy on RHD to be endorsed by all governments.

Our work does not stop here, however. We will continue to advocate to governments to support the Resolution, and must also focus on how we will translate this global policy into action.

We have recently updated our resources for the #TimeToTackleRHD campaign, which you can download below – thank you for your continued support!


RHD Action launched the #TimeToTackleRHD campaign as we believe that RHD has been ignored by global decision-makers for too long. We are fighting to give hearts a voice by calling on governments and decision-makers to support a global RHD Resolution at the World Health Organization.

How can I help?

We need you to contact your national decision-makers to ask them to support the RHD Resolution process! Download the Campaign Pack to get started. If you need more guidance or need contact details for your national decision-makers, email us at

You can also help spread the word by tweeting about our campaign. Use the button below to send a message that you support a WHO Resolution to make solving RHD a global priority.

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What is a Resolution?

A Resolution is a piece of written policy agreed by all of the countries that make up the World Health Organization (WHO). Once passed, the Draft Resolution on rheumatic fever and RHD will represent a global commitment. Decision-makers, including governments and the WHO, will then have to recognize RHD as a global priority, and approach and fund it appropriately.

You can find out more about the decision to recommend a Resolution on ‘Rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart disease’ for adoption by governments here.

Download the campaign pack

To help your advocacy efforts we have created an updated Campaign Pack of documents. The Campaign Pack includes:

  • Background information on RHD and the Draft Resolution on 'Rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart disease'
  • Timeline of next steps and key dates
  • Campaign communications guide
  • Template advocacy letter to national decision-makers (with completed example)

You can download this Campaign Pack here

A French-language campaign pack is now also available – please go to the RHD Action Resource Hub to download these materials.

La “trousse d’outils” est maintenant disponible en français – pour télécharger ces documents veuillez visiter le RHD Action Resource Hub

Spread the word

Help us spread the word and push for a WHO Resolution to make RHD a global priority.

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