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Team Heart use RHD Action Small Grant to promote health education for RHD patients following surgery in Rwanda

13 August 2019

Acknowledging the Rwandan Ministry of Health (MOH) for these huge accomplishments and for sustaining their efforts toward these advancements, the Kigali-based office of Team Heart, an international NGO focused on bringing sustainable cardiac care to Rwanda, decided they could contribute by reaching out to the most vulnerable communities of people affected by rheumatic heart disease (RHD) and other non-communicable diseases (NCDs).

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Initiating a Rheumatic Heart Disease Clinic in Yaoundé, Cameroon

30 July 2019

Read more about 2018 Small Grants Recipients, Dr Yanwou Nathan and his colleagues in Cameroon who set out to initiate a rheumatic heart disease clinic in Yaoundé, Cameroon.

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Boston University MPH Students Collaborate with Pediatric Cardiologist on an mHealth Application to Mitigate the High Prevalence of RHD in Malawi

23 July 2019

In Malawi, RHD remains a significant public health issue, with no standard way for clinicians to track patients’ treatment. As part of their studies as Masters of Public Health studies at Boston University, five students collaborated with a pediatric cardiologist on an mHealth application to mitigate the high prevalence of rheumatic heart disease (RHD) in Malawi.

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Kick RHD Out of Plateau State: Reaching out to Berom and Hausa speaking communities

11 July 2019

Professor Bode-Thomas and lead project team member, Mr Santos Ayuba Larab, set about to systematically develop culturally relevant “Information, Education and Communication” (IEC) materials on ARF and RHD, first in English, and then to translate those materials into Hausa and Berom local languages for the RHD patients, families and community members.

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RHD Action Launches 2019 Small Grants Programme

27 June 2019

RHD Action is pleased to launch the first round of our Small Grants Programme for 2019 with this request for proposal. We are looking for small innovative projects with well-defined outcomes and timelines that are focused on "People and Communities." An amount of US$2,500 is available to fund each successful application.

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World Refugee Day 2019: Revised brief on RHD and migrant and refugee health

20 June 2019

The global refugee crisis is likely contributing to the burden of RHD and raising serious new concerns about increasing prevalence and limitations of care. Currently, an unprecedented 70.8 million people around the world have been forced from their homes, an increase of 2.3 million people from 2018. Among them are 25.9 million refugees, with approximately half of whom are under the age of 18, when the risk of ARF is greatest.

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RHD Action takes a step with refugees on World Refugee Day

20 June 2019

Today on World Refugee Day we recognise those working on improving health outcomes for refugees and others who have been forcibly displaced from their countries as a result of persecution, conflict, violence, or human rights violations. Around the world, communities, schools, businesses, faith groups and people from all walks of life are taking big and small steps in solidarity with refugees.

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Mobilising for Cardio-Obstetric Healthcare for Women with RHD in Mozambique

28 May 2019

Ms Keila Jamal and Prof Ana Olga Mocumbi from the Mozambique Institute for Health Education and Research in Maputo, Mozambique were the recipients of an RHD Action Small Grants Project entitled "Mobilising for Cardio-Obstetric Healthcare for Women with RHD in Mozambique."

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Call for Applications: WHO Healthy Islands Recognition Awards (2019)

14 May 2019

Don’t miss this opportunity to be recognized for your work to improve the health and quality of life of Pacific islanders!

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Over 300 Community Health Officers Participate in RHD Community Advocacy and Capacity Building in Osun State, Nigeria

02 May 2019

Dr Okeniyi, was awarded an RHD Action Small Grant for an RHD capacity building project for community health workers in Osun State – an area where Yoruba is the predominant culture and language.

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