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WikiCardio: iniciativa de la Sociedad Argentina de Cardiología

13 September 2018

Sitio web gratuito con información confiable sobre temas cardiológicos desarrollado por expertos de la Sociedad Argentina de Cardiología para pacientes.

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RHD Action Announces 2018 Small Grants Programme Recipients (Invited Round)

12 September 2018

The first round of the RHD Action Small Grants Programme was a huge success last year and we are happy to offer a second year of the Programme thanks to generous support from Medtronic Foundation.

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OPPORTUNITY: “Step Up!” AstraZeneca Young Health Global Grants Programme

12 September 2018

“Step Up!” AstraZeneca Young Health Global Grants Programme

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“That heart sickness”: Young Aboriginal People’s Understanding of Rheumatic Fever (Research Review)

30 August 2018

An article published this month in Medical Anthropology - a peer-reviewed journal publishing cross-cultural studies in Health and Illness- reports on research that blended the disciplines of Public Health and Sociolinguistics around the topic of rheumatic fever (RF).

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Press Release: My Heart, Your Heart: Heart Awareness Month 2018

20 August 2018

The Heart and Stroke Foundation South Africa (HSFSA) is embracing the World Heart Federation theme: My Heart Your Heart and going a mile further too by extending the theme for South Africa to: My Heart Your Heart and the Hearts of all South Africans.

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Health stories in focus: The Lancet "Highlights 2018" photography competition open for submissions

04 August 2018

Earlier this year, The Lancet published a series of compelling photographs1 that marked the seventh anniversary of the Syrian conflict. The pictures of affected people and communities rehumanised the conflict and told stories of their lives and health. Importantly, the images—all taken by Syrian photographers—did not portray people as victims but instead portrayed lives in context, capturing moments of daily struggle, hardship, resilience, and hope. These pictures showed the power of photography to tell compelling health stories.

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Cape Town Declaration Calls for Improved Strategies to Treat Rheumatic Heart Disease

03 August 2018

Experts from the world’s major heart surgery organizations—including The Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS), the American Association for Thoracic Surgery (AATS), the Asian Society for Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery (ASCVTS), and the European Association for Cardio-Thoracic Surgery (EACTS)—are calling for urgent action to develop and implement effective strategies for treating rheumatic heart disease (RHD), which affects 33 million people and kills 320,000 annually.

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Vale Professor Bongani Mayosi

29 July 2018

It is with immense sadness that we announce the passing of Professor Bongani Mayosi on July 27 2018. Prof. Mayosi was an inspiration to many and a great leader in work that reached across boundaries and touched people across continents, a great friend, who always found time to share in the lives of those around him and a great mentor, whose support and counsel led us to aspire for and achieve what was not thought possible.

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RHD Action Launches 2018 Small Grants Programme

25 July 2018

Following a successful first round of the RHD Action Small Grants Programme in 2017, RHD Action is pleased to launch the second round of our Small Grants Programme for 2018 with this request for proposal. 

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Make Your Promise: World Heart Day 2018 Campaign Launched

11 July 2018

This year for World Heart Day, the World Heart Federation (a founding partner of RHD Action) is asking people around the world to make a promise... "for my heart, for your heart, for all our hearts"

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