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The Global Burden of RHD – Q&A with David Watkins

05 May 2017

Dr. David Watkins is an internal medicine physician and health systems researcher who works with the Disease Control Priorities Network at the University of Washington in Seattle. He is also part of RhEACH at the University of Cape Town and is a collaborator on the Global Burden of Disease project. He is joining us today to talk about global prevalence and mortality from rheumatic heart disease (RHD), as well as recent advances in RHD epidemiology. 

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Global RHD Commitment Progress Update

23 April 2017

Rheumatic heart disease has been neglected by decision-makers for too long. RHD Action has therefore created the #TimeToTackleRHD campaign to call for a WHO Resolution on RHD. This major piece of policy is set to be the first global commitment that recognizes RHD as a priority health issue.

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RHD Action launches Small Grants Programme

19 April 2017

RHD Action is pleased to launch the first round of its Small Grants Programme with this Request for Proposal. This request for proposals for small grant funding provides the first opportunity for RHD Action to support groups across the globe who are already addressing the problems of the rheumatic heart disease in their countries, regions or communities and to bring the work of key RHD stakeholders under the RHD Action banner. 

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Systematic Review focuses on RHD epidemiology, health systems and stakeholders in Tanzania and Uganda

19 April 2017

A recent publication in Global Heart documents the application of a systematic review protocol developed by the RHD Action team at the University of Cape Town to investigate RHD-related epidemiology, health systems and stakeholders in RHD Action Countries, Tanzania and Uganda.

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Listen to my Heart: CHD & RHD patients share similar challenges

18 April 2017

While this event focused on Congenital Heart Disease, it shares many touch points with children living with Rheumatic Heart Disease as they face new and daunting challenges as part of the transition from childhood into adulthood.

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Rheumatic Heart Disease – Programmes and Research at the Aswan Heart Centre

03 April 2017

The Aswan Heart Centre (AHC) was launched in 2009 to establish a centre of excellence to combat heart disease in Egypt. Located in Aswan in southern Egypt, the centre is linked to the Aswan General Teaching Hospital and is supported by the Magdi Yacoub Foundation.

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Cost-effectiveness and Clinical Impact of Echocardiography Profiled in JAHA

30 March 2017

In this month’s issue of the Journal of the American Heart Association, paired papers by Cannon and colleagues focus on the clinical progression of RHD and the potential economic impact of earlier diagnosis by echocardiographic screening.

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WHF Statement on the Global Strategy at the World Health Organization Executive Board Meeting

01 February 2017

On Monday 30 January Joanna Markbreiter of the World Heart Federation – a founding member of RHD Action – delivered a statement under the section Promoting Health through the Life Course at the 140th Session of the WHO Executive Board in Geneva, Switzerland.

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Resolution on Promoting the Health of Refugees and Migrants

31 January 2017

Following lengthy discussions, Member States adopted a draft resolution on Promoting the Health of Refugees and Migrants on 31 January, the penultimate day of the Executive Board meeting.

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Update from the 140th meeting of the WHO Executive Board

30 January 2017

Following the announcement that rheumatic heart disease will be included as an Agenda Item at the next Executive Board Meeting (‘EB 141’) in May, sessions during the first half of the week at EB 140 have focused on health systems, communicable diseases, the WHO budget and discussions around the appointment of the next WHO Director-General.

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