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RHD Action Priorities Pyramid

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Our goal is to acheive a 25% reduction in mortality from rheumatic heart disease by the year 2025 in under-25-year-olds.

We are working towards this goal by giving a powerful platform to existing work in RHD prevention and control, while providing new innovative tools, guidance, and opportunities to the RHD community.

Our priorities synthesize ten key areas of RHD control, and were developed with the participation of regional bodies, RHD research groups, and global policy advocates.

These ten priorities form the core focus areas of RHD Action, and are structured in a ‘priorities pyramid’ with three main categories:
• People and communities
• Medicines and technologies
• Systems and services

The pyramid guides the programmatic work of RHD Action and informs our decision making. It reflects the primacy of people living with RHD in our activities, the essential bedrock of strong health systems, and necessary prerequisites for disease control.

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