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Global and National Advocacy Updates

09 May 2018
Professor R. Krishna Kumar addresses the National Rheumatic Heart Summit which was convened in Kottayam, Kerala, India

Ahead of the Resolution discussions we have continued our advocacy to governments in Geneva to focus on implementation of the Resolution in their setting from June onwards, including outreach to over 50 Ministries of Health and Missions and meetings with governments from 4 WHO regions. 

Activities have continued at the national level too. A National Rheumatic Heart Summit was convened in Kottayam, Kerala on February 11th 2018. The academic content of the conference included an in-depth review of prevention strategies, pathogenesis and diagnostic criteria.  

Panelists also highlighted problems in regard to the availability of benzathine Penicillin G and access to care, and called on the National and State Governments to support the Global Resolution on Rheumatic Heart Disease at the World Health Assembly in May 2018.

The conference received the support of professional bodies including the Cardiological Society of India, Association of Physicians of India, Indian Academy of Paediatrics and Indian College of Cardiology, in addition to the support of the conference received warm felicitations from the Chief Minister Health Minister of Kerala.

Kerala RHD Summit.jpg

Participants at the National Rheumatic Heart Summit in Kottayam, Kerala, India