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To mark World Stroke Day, RHD Action releases a new brief: Rheumatic Heart Disease and Stroke

28 October 2017
A Hmong woman and her baby in the village of Sin Chai, Viet Nam.
UN Photo/Kibae Park

World Stroke Day takes place on 29th October 2017. It is an opportunity for everyone affected by or working to address this leading cause of death and disability - to work together to raise awareness and mobilise for action. This year the campaign focus is stroke prevention.

Stroke occurs when a part of the brain does not receive adequate blood supply. Depending on the size and area of brain affected, stroke can cause death or significant disability. Often this disability is profound and life-long. The most recent data suggests that 25.7 million people have stroke each year, causing 6.5 million deaths. 

Stroke affects people of all ages, including young adults and children, and can have a devastating impact on families – particularly in countries where access to care is limited. Between 1990 and 2013, there was an increase of almost 40% in the total number of young adults dying from stroke in developing countries. Strokes can be ischaemic (from a blocked blood vessel) or haemorrhagic (from a burst blood vessel). Action to reduce stroke from RHD is needed at many levels.

To mark World Stroke Day on the 29th of October 2017, RHD Action has released a new brief: Rheumatic Heart Disease and Stroke.

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