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RHD Action co-sponsors breakfast debate on Access to Medicines

26 May 2017
Flavia Batureine, Nursing Officer of Uganda Heart Institute
@uicc / Twitter

On Tuesday 23 May, RHD Action and the World Heart Federation joined forces with NCD Child and other global health organizations to host a breakfast event themed around ‘Better Medicines for Children’. Guests included delegates from the World Health Organization, UNICEF, civil society, the private sector and national Ministries of Health.

Among the panellists was Flavia Baturine Kamalembo, a young nurse from Uganda, who shares her unique experience of caring for people with cardiovascular diseases whilst herself living with RHD. Flavia spoke passionately about the need for simplicity and a focus on the patient when fighting for greater access to medicines. Her experience of supporting patients was that “it’s not just about having the medicines, it’s about using them properly”.