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Living With Rheumatic Heart Disease: Wesly and Valder

16 September 2016

People living with RHD are at the heart of RHD Action's work - they are our most important stakeholders and we strive to be accountable to them in all that we do. The global community of people living with RHD is diverse and vibrant - we are sharing stories and perspectives by profiling individuals, to elevate their voice and empower them as patient advocates.

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Why are Aboriginal children still dying from rheumatic heart disease?

15 September 2016

It seems far-fetched to think a sore throat or skin sore could take a lasting toll on your health, leading to heart failure and premature death. But this is the reality for many Indigenous children and young people in Australia’s most vulnerable communities.

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New Cost-Effectiveness Tool for Prioritising RF and RHD Interventions

06 September 2016

In an article published in the PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases Journal, researchers have developed an economic evaluation tool to help countries allocate resources and plan RHD control programmes, at the national or subnational level.

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Ongoing Research Project: Adverse reactions to BPG

01 September 2016

Researchers from the Telethon Kids Institute are currently collecting case reports of adverse events following benzathine penicillin G injection for rheumatic heart prophylaxis.

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The results are in: Rheumatic Heart Disease Civil Society Survey

29 August 2016

Between July and August 2016, the World Heart Federation carried out a survey of RHD civil society on behalf of RHD Action. The survey was designed to assess the needs and priorities of the RHD community, with the aim of informing decision-makers about what is needed to improve RHD prevention and control.

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New study in Northern Uganda suggests familial link for RHD

17 August 2016

A new study in the Gulu District of Northern Uganda has found that children with RHD ‘had a 4.5 times greater chance of having a sibling with definite RHD’.

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RHD Action at the WHO Regional Meetings

10 August 2016

From August – October, the World Heart Federation – on behalf of RHD Action – will be sending representatives to the World Health Organization (WHO) Regional Committee Meetings, which are held each year to set policy and to approve budgets and programmes of work for each of the 6 WHO regions.

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2016 National Rheumatic Fever Week – South Africa

06 August 2016

To coincide with National Rheumatic Fever Week in South Africa – which this year takes place from 01-06 August – the South African Medical Journal has published two articles and a letter focusing on rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart disease.

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Fiji launches National Rheumatic Fever Information System

03 August 2016

The Fiji Ministry of Health and Medical Services recently launched the Rheumatic Fever Information System (RFIS) which was formally launched by the Minister for Health and Medical Services, Hon. Jone Usamate.

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RHD and Cardiovascular Diseases of the Poorest Billion

29 July 2016

A recent article published last month in Circulation – the peer-reviewed journal of the American Heart Association – has identified rheumatic heart disease (RHD) as an endemic condition in the world’s poorest countries, and called for more specific targets to address the disease burden of these populations.

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