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A Passion for Patient Advocacy

12 January 2018
Christine Katusiime, patient advocate and active member of the Rheumatic Heart Disease Support Group, Uganda Heart Institute
RHD Action

Christine and Flavia are both from Uganda and as well as living with rheumatic heart disease they also have a shared passion for patient advocacy.

Christine was misdiagnosed a number of times when she was younger before finally an x-ray revealed that she had a heart condition. Her condition required her to undergo heart surgery, which she received in India in 2005 for a procedure to repair her damaged valves. Christine knows that early diagnosis and treatment prevent long-term complications of RHD.

“I think we can fight RHD to live a healthy and happy life despite the challenges we sometimes meet.” - Christine, Uganda

Christine has been touched by the kindness and generosity of others along her journey back to health. She has personally faced the challenges that PLWRHD encounter and now dedicates her time and energy to help others manage their disease to live a full and healthy life.

Flavia is a mother, wife and a nurse who has RHD. She is also a tireless advocate for People Living with RHD, networking and speaking on behalf of both health workers and PLWRHD to the global health community.  

Christine and Flavia's experiences living with rheumatic heart disease have provided insight and fuelled their passion to support other people living with RHD not only in Uganda but across the globe. They have shared their stories in the hope that it will raise the profile of rheumatic heart disease.

Read their stories below:
Listen to my heart: A passion for patient advocacy (Flavia's Story)
Listen to my heart: A passion for patient advocacy (Christine's Story)

You can also read more about the RHD stakeholder meetings and "Listen to my Heart" - patient awareness event held recently in Kampala, Uganda